Manufacturing my own Timber Pencil Box

18 juin 2021

More about….


-I had a problem with my rebate joints, since I made them too large.

- My box was asymmetrical, but the sander fixed it. 

Tools used:





-Marking saw


-Square marker







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Next steps for Box

Today, we are going to continue our box:

1. Sand down the rebate joints. Sand down sawed edges.

2. Take the shorter larger piece (9 cm), and put it in one of the two rebate joints. Take 2 nails and nail them on the sides of the thin rebate joint side. Then, take the small (8cm) piece, cut off 5mm-1cm of the top, add glue on one side and nail it to the other side of the long board with the other short piece. 

3. Finally, take the other rebate joint long piece and glue and nail it to the rest of the box, making sure that the rebate side is on the longer shorter (9cm) piece of wood.

4. Sand down the box, and oil it down. 

5. Cut a base made out of plywood, 3mm- 5mm thick, and measure the contour of your box with it to get the right size.



5C44EC4A-1E05-4C0D-B6E2-D2B638EFA189Order of images:





You're done!

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Starting our Box

Today we are going to start our box:

1. Get a piece of wood, 50 cm long

2. Cut the pieces of wood:

- 2x 19cm 

- 1x 9cm

- 1x 8cm

3. Then, taking the two long pieces of wood, make one rebate joint on the right end. To see how to make a rebate joint, look at the "Starter Piece" post. 

Since this is all I did on my first day, I will stop here!

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Start Practice Piece

Today we are going to use a small bit of wood to practice our rebate joints.

How to make a rebate joint:

1. Measure the thickness of your wood. Mine was 12 mm thick. Then measure the half point of that on the side of the piece of wood. Measure 12mm down the same side as the half line and mark that. Mark that down and make a line going from there, to the top.

2. Take the short side of the piece of wood. Measure the half point again and make a line going from start to bottom, no 12mm mark. 

3. Repeat step 1 on the last long side of wood. The result should look like this:



4. Then, take a saw and saw the line further form the edge until you reach the halfway mark. 

5. Take a chisel and a mallet and put the chisel edge on the halfway line on the short side. Hit the end of the chisel with the mallet and take out bits of wood, slowly. Sand the cut edge and your result should look like this:




Then, you are officially finished your rebate joint!

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